Alloy Wheel Repair

Scuffed and damaged alloy wheels can not only look unsightly, but if you leave untreated it can then lead to greater corrosion and wear of the alloys. It will also be a costly exercise to replace your alloys.

We offer a cost effective way to keep your alloy wheels looking just as good as when they where new.

Refurbishment & repair of your wheels is an ideal solution and can be done within a few hours, definitely adding value to your vehicle compared with those with chipped and damaged wheels. Alloy repairs will also guard against any further corrosion and deterioration of the wheels. Damaged areas of the wheels are attacked and the corrosion spreads under the lacquer.

Our repairs target the areas of damage, without the need for repairing the whole wheel. We treat the area, and then repair and re-lacquer to give it a new like look and stop further corrosion and wear. 

By repairing the area of damage we can reduce the amount of materials and time spent (in comparison with a full wheel repair) and therefore reducing the overall time and cost it takes.

Example of  an Alloy Wheel Repair:







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