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How to reduce your cars fuel bills!!

Do you ever feel as though you and your vehicle are never away from fuel pumps? When looking at your fuel bills and trying to work out how you can drive more efficiently, then are number of free & cost effective ways to help bringing them down. Driving style. The most obvious is reviewing the way you drive. Driving to Continue Reading...
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Keep your paintwork looking like new

Every time your vehicles paint work meets rain, sun, grime, bird lime, dust, muck, road salts and other elements it can have a long lasting effect on it’s appearance!! Our advice is to simply wash or at least rinse of any dirt from your vehicle as soon possible, as the longer it remains on the paintwork the more damage it Continue Reading...
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Do part worn tyres save you money?

Questions we are often asked is how much can buying part worn tyres save me, and is it safe for me to buy them this way? For us, the answer is simple – “Yes!!!” to both At Chip-it we work on the basic value “we only carry out work we would want to accept ourselves”. This applies to our Part Continue Reading...
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Why should I tint my car windows?

Window Tinting is applied to vehicles for a number of different reasons. The most obvious is the appearance it gives. A huge range of sporty models feature the tinted glass and often gives a prestige look and finish to the vehicle.  But Tinted glass also adds a number of benefits including health, safety and security features.  Added Security: Should your vehicle Continue Reading...
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