Would you like greater economy while gaining more power
from your vehicle?

Engine remapping is a specialist procedure which is carried out by a fully trained technician. All modern vehicles have a computerized engine management system. Because this system can be re-programmed, our technicians can adjust things like the amount of fuel and oxygen that gets mixed in the engine, the timing of the spark plugs, and the power that the engine gives you at different RPMs.

Our specialist software means we don’t not have to fit any hardware to the vehicles engine, we just then remap the car through the OBD/II port. This is different to chipping, in that remapping the car does not involve opening the actual Engine Control Unit, but instead, we use seperate remapping software which links to the cars ECU. We download the maps currently on the ECU, remap them (our software automatically finds the optimal remapping settings for each car) and then upload them back to the ECU. The process can usually be completed within a few hours!

We find the optimum settings for your car so that it becomes more fuel efficient, with more power where you need it, in higher RPM ranges, giving better performance at the same time.

We can carry out the remapping procedure on 90% of petrol & diesel engines, makes and models including cars, 4x4s & even commercial vehicle’s.

The results can improve your performance & fuel economy by upto 30% of the vehicle’s original technical specification.

To find out more and to get an quotation for Chip-it to carry out an engine remap to your vehicle, then call us on 01228 59 00 33 or email us your details.