Keep your paintwork looking like new

Every time your vehicles paint work meets rain, sun, grime, bird lime, dust, muck, road salts and other elements it can have a long lasting effect on it’s appearance!!

Our advice is to simply wash or at least rinse of any dirt from your vehicle as soon possible, as the longer it remains on the paintwork the more damage it can cause. Cleaning your vehicle at least once a week can help guard against long term damage caused by grime and dirt sitting on the paintwork and eating into the laqueurs. 


When washing your vehicle it is always best to rinse the whole vehicle before applying a sponge to the car. Any grit on the vehicle could get caught in the sponge and cause the paintwork to scratch (a bit like taking a sheet of sanding paper to it). For wash your car with always use car shampoo and refrain from using dish washing up liquid. Car shampoos are specifically developed to work in conjunction with modern day paints, and is there to help remove difficult areas of grime and tar spots.

Work from around the car moving from panel to panel, and even rinse of the shampoo from each area once you have cleaned that part of the car to ensure you have removed all of the dirt. Make sure you regularly clean the sponge (or chamois) in the bucket or under running water to make sure you don not transfer grit from one panel to another causing scratches to the paintwork. You can also adopt a straight forwards and backwards wiping motion which will often avoid swirl marks in your paintwork.

When drying the vehicle we find the best method is to use a damp chamois, and again work from panel to panel, starting from the top to bottom to ensure you don’t have water runs through the area you have dried.

Protecting your paintwork

Regular washing and polishing of your paintwork can help against the weathering and fading of your paintwork, especially bright colours such as red.

If you want to give that extra level of protection you can opt for anything from expensive wax polishes, to paintwork protective treatments which both add an invisible layer of protection to the paintwork. This means the dirt, grime and grit will be sitting on this layer as appose to the actual paintwork. Treatments like this can work well for both car care addicts and also people who don’t have the time to be polishing their vehicle every week. Once applied these treatments can give protection to the paintwork for up to 3-4 months, and will also make general washing and drying allot easier and generate better results.

To seek more advice on how to keep your paintwork looking like new, or to find out about our valeting or paintwork protection service then email us on or call us on 01228 59 00 33.

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