Paintwork Protection

Protect your vehicle’s paintwork against all the elements!!

The paintwork of any vehicle should always be regularly cared for, to ensure it maintains a high standard including glossy and bright finish.

At Chip-it we always recommend that every vehicle be washed at least once a week, and polished with good quality products at least every 2 months. But sometimes it is helpful to have something that will give your vehicle that extra level of protection and care. Especially when your vehicle’s are generally large purchase’s… so it’s good to keep your investment looking great and retaining as much value as possible.

Paintwork and interior protection is a preventative treatment, which is applied to your vehicle to stop the weathering and ageing of your paintwork.  This is perfect for both car care lovers and also for anyone who doesn’t have the time to spend looking after their vehicle.

We offer a full paintwork protection treatment called Diamondbrite which can not only protect your paintwork, but also provide protection for your interior and trims. 

By applying Diamondbrite,  it provides an invisible sealant film all over the paintwork which then protects against weather elements such as acid rain, or bird lime. Once the film is on, you will find every time you wash your vehicle, that not only will muck, tar spots and other road grime wash off the vehicle so much easier, but it will also give a bright and polished finish every time, with out the constant need to re polish. We can also apply protective polish to your alloy wheels, giving them a protective layer against discolouring and also enabling them to be easily maintained and cleaned in the future.

The interior of your vehicle can also be treated with the interior care, this helps protect against spillages on the seats by coasting the fabric in an invisible scotched guard like treatment on the fabric which gives a protective barrier between the material and the liquid. Therefore keeping your interior looking great!

To find out more about our treatment process and how it could benefit your vehicle, then please contact us