How to reduce your cars fuel bills!!

Do you ever feel as though you and your vehicle are never away from fuel pumps?

When looking at your fuel bills and trying to work out how you can drive more efficiently, then are number of free & cost effective ways to help bringing them down.

Driving style. The most obvious is reviewing the way you drive. Driving to fast, accelerating hard to get to your desired speed, driving in the wrong gear are some of the most basic areas you can change. Driving smoothly at constant speeds (where applicable) will often return you the best fuel economy figures.

Engine size. Driving a big powerful vehicle sounds lovely, but will really help you reduce the amount of money you have in your wallet. Small engined vehicles that produce nearly as much power as their bigger counter parts are now being produced by by most car manufacturers. Giving you better economy and the power for when you need it.

Engine Tuning. Of course it is easy to say, just change your car for a newer one, or just drive slower, but sometimes we just like the car we already have. So is there a way to transfer the way the engine performs?? the answer is Yes!!

Engine tuning used to be just for people wanting to get that extra bit of power out of their vehicle. But now it is more commonly used for get the best out of the engine in all areas. Economy, power & torque. At Chip-it we do provide engine tuning services which can be adapted for cars, commercials, 4×4’s and industrial/agricultural vehicles (petrol & diesel).

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