Do part worn tyres save you money?

Questions we are often asked is how much can buying part worn tyres save me, and is it safe for me to buy them this way?

For us, the answer is simple – “Yes!!!” to both

At Chip-it we work on the basic value “we only carry out work we would want to accept ourselves”. This applies to our Part Worn Tyre service.

All of the tyres we supply and fit are often imported from Germany, where their legal tyre limit (minimum) is allot stricter to ours. Therefore we are able to supply tyres with plenty of life and tread left on them. Tyres will also come from other sources, where they are no longer needed and replaced early.

They are all fully inspected for any defects and tread depth and wear before sale, and most of our tyres have between 4-6mm depth. Our tyres are all displayed (for customers to see) with all the relevant information detailed on, so they can be chosen by our customers. Our prices include full fitting, and we use automated computerised balancing machines to then balance the wheel after fitting insuring a smooth drive.

The tyres we supply are generally NOT budget makes, so you find you are buying a quality tyre that has been slightly used. Therefore you will get a good performing tyre for a fraction of the price, compared with buying new.

There is no doubt, that  quality brand new tyres will last longer than buying Part-worn tyres, but depending on your circumstances you will find (depending on wheel size) you could replace all 4 tyres for £100, with many of our tyres starting from only £19, which is fantastic value for money.

We have now been supplying and fitting Part-worn tyres for nearly 2 years, and have built up a huge customer base of regular happy customers who are often recommending us to their friends and family!!

And for your peace of mind, you will be pleased to know- Prior to us opening the Tyre services in 2012 we invited Trading Standards to visit and observe our fitting service, and how we operate and we were given a good report and clean bill of health.

If you would like to get in touch about our tyre services, and to find out what we have in stock then email us on or Tel: 01228 52 94 94.

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