Why should I tint my car windows?

Window Tinting is applied to vehicles for a number of different reasons.

The most obvious is the appearance it gives. A huge range of sporty models feature the tinted glass and often gives a prestige look and finish to the vehicle. 

But Tinted glass also adds a number of benefits including health, safety and security features. 

Added Security: Should your vehicle be attacked by vandals or thief’s, the glass from the window will hold together better should it be broken. Making it either more difficult to enter the vehicle and also can stop the glass exploding and spreading over the vehicles interior. It also darkens the window so the vehicles contents cannot be viewed as easily (please note we always recommend that you never leave your personal belongings in your vehicle, wether they are visible or not).

Reduces UV rays: When your car is under direct sunlight, it is very easy for the driver and passengers to be dazzled which can cause very serious consequences. Tinted glass can reduce the glare caused by this. As well as glare while driving, the sun can quickly heat a standing vehicle. Although you can never avoid this, tinted glass can help keep a vehicle cooler in those conditions.

Tinted windows often add to the look of the vehicle, but can be very costly when fitted by the vehicles manufacturer. We offer an aftermarket solution using a high quality film which gives you the peace of mind with a 10 year guarantee (against fading), professionally fitted and is available at a fraction of the cost!!

Our window tints start from only £149, and can be fitted to most makes and models.

We install the window film in a purpose built booth, which eliminates contamination of the film on installation. We initially fit the film to the outside of the glass, then once we have the correct shape and contour of the window we transfer it to the inside area of the glass.




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