Window Tinting

Window Tinting Can be carried out for a number of reasons, from just cosmetic reasons through to providing a safer & securer vehicle.

At Chip-it we offer a huge range of high quality films which have been used within the industry for over 16 years – from subtle tints through deep and dark tints, and all are fitted expertly at our workshops giving you that factory fitted look and finish .

Our films not only make the look of your vehicle that extra bit cooler, but they also carry some excellent benefits:

Vision – Low level sun, coming from any direction can cause your vision to be impaired and even distract you from other angles. The tinted windows can help prevent this happening from side and rear windows.
Reduce heat – Our films can help reduce the heat which can gather within the vehicle on hot days, as they can prevent the direct sunlight which can cause this to build up.
Privacy – With the rear window dark-end out it provides that extra level of security as it makes it allot more difficult for potential thieves the see your belongs inside the vehicle.
Safety – The tinting film applied to the windows of the vehicle can help hold windows together should they be broken.

Our window tints are available for all types of vehicles from cars, 4x4s, vans through to industrial. And all tints carry a full guarantee!!

To carry out a window tint, you vehicle is normally needed for at least 5-6 hours and all work would be carried out at our workshop in Carlislefind us